Prepare phase failing with [ERROR]: Domain might be locked by some other WLS user process

adop prepare phase was failing with below error

Validating configuration on node: [calrapuat03].
Log: /u01/install/APPS/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/9/20221201_114840/prepare/validate/calrapuat03
[WARNING]: There could be issues while validating the ports used for E-Business Suite instance against ports used in /etc/services. Refer the log file for more details.
[ERROR]: Domain might be locked by some other WLS user process
[UNEXPECTED]Error occurred running “perl /u01/install/APPS/fs2/EBSapps/appl/ad/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/ -contextfile=/u01/install/APPS/fs2/inst/apps/HFTUAT2_calrapuat03/appl/admin/HFTUAT2_calrapuat03.xml -patchctxfile=/u01/install/APPS/fs1/inst/apps/HFTUAT2_calrapuat03/appl/admin/HFTUAT2_calrapuat03.xml -phase=prepare -logloc=/u01/install/APPS/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/9/20221201_114840/prepare/validate/calrapuat03 -promptmsg=hide”
[UNEXPECTED]Error 1 occurred while Executing txkADOPValidation script on calrapuat03


If the EBS Weblogic domain is in EDIT mode, it can cause adop to fail.

Someone with administrator privileges on WLS Admin Console may have locked the Weblogic domain for making changes, and has not released the checkout.

This leaves the domain in edit mode, resulting in the issue.


 To resolve the issue test the following steps in a development instance and then migrate accordingly:

1. Start the admin server on the run file system (if not started already).

2. Login in to WLS Admin Console (http(s)://hostname.domain:<adminport>/console)

3. Click on the “Activate Changes” or the “Release Configuration” button (depending on the version) in the “Change Center” region on the top left corner.

4. Logout of the WLS console.

5. Rerun the adop phase=prepare command and confirm adop completes successfully.

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