On a cloned environment, adop prepare phase is failing with [ERROR] ETCC not run in the database node

adop prepare phase failed with below error

[ERROR] ETCC not run in the database node <node name>

Validating system setup.
Node registry is valid.
[WARNING] SYS.DUAL table has incorrect privileges
Shut down the application tier services and then run the following commands in the order shown
sqlplus / as sysdba @ $AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/ADFIXUSER.sql
sqlplus apps/ @ $AD_TOP/sql/adutlrcmp.sql
[ERROR] ETCC not run in the database node calrdbuat03
The EBS Technology Codelevel Checker needs to be run on the database node.
It is available as Patch 17537119.
[WARNING] MTCC has not been run. Apply Patch 17537119 and run checkMTpatch.sh.

The node name in table APPS.TXK_TCC_RESULTS and /etc/hosts can be different, causing an adop failure to identify the database host name correctly.


  1. Validate /etc/hosts file has entries with a correct format. IP Address hostname.domain hostname.
  2. Validate entries in APPS.TXK_TCC_RESULTS and make updates if needed
  3. update APPLSYS.TXK_TCC_RESULTS set node_name=’uatfin’ where node_name =’uatfin.node.com’;
  4. Validate the s_dbhost value in the database context file ${CONTEXT_FILE} and ensured it has only NODE_NAME and not the domain. Validate the same in applications context file ${CONTEXT_FILE} as well.
  5. Downloaded the latest version of ETCC and ran on DB node.
  6. Ran autoconfig on DB node.
  7. Ran autoconfig on Apps node.
  8. Retry prepare phase



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