Flashgrid technology

Flashgrid technology is the way to enjoy RAC instances in AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP. Flashgrid cloud area network software and flashgrid storage fabric software enable running RAC clusters in Azure, AWS and GCP.

Some of basic flashgrid commands executed by customer DBAs

1. Verify health of the cluster: $ sudo flashgrid-health-check

2. Confirm that email alerts are configured and delivered: $ flashgrid-node test-alerts

3. Upload diags to FlashGrid support: $ sudo flashgrid-diags upload-all

4. Verify cluster status : $flashgrid-cluster

5. To check the current clock difference between the cluster nodes : $ flashgrid-cluster verify

6. To show details of the disk groups : $flashgrid-dg show

7. Stop FlashGrid services on the node. It will gracefully put the corresponding failure group offline, stop CRS, and stop Flashgrid services: #flashgrid-node stop

8. Reboot the node using flashgrid-node command. It will gracefully put the corresponding failure group offline: #flashgrid-node reboot

Both commands 7 and 8 should run after ensuring there are no other nodes that are in offline or re-syncing state. All disk groups must have zero offline disks and Resync = No: $flashgrid-cluster followed by stopping databases running on the concerned node(s).

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