While Registering An External Container/pluggable OCI Database in OCI External Database Management service it gives error “Internal error occurred”


Not able to create the External Container/Pluggable OCI database in OCI External Database Management service. It is giving error “Internal error occurred”.


The issue here is related to tag based authorization:
{panel:title=Identity Error Response to DBaaS Control Plane}
2022-09-26 11:35:06,117 ERROR [dw-23361 – POST /20160918/externaldatabaseconnecto] [opc-request-id=csid4c3657b9498b921a01034931775d/1468ac8d7e80467aba11b99d108b0cde/FB705FE0BFC4FD0561439CA8414BE27D] c.o.p.c.e.s.CatchAllExceptionMapper: Uncaught exception. Returning InternalError to user! com.oracle.pic.identity.authorization.sdk.error.AuthorizationClientException: Error with tagging\n! at com.oracle.pic.identity.authorization.sdk.response.TaggedAuthorizationResponse$TaggingErrorAuthorizationResponse.getTagSlug(TaggedAuthorizationResponse.java:59)\n! at com.oracle.pic.dbaas.resources.AuthorizationHelper.authorize(AuthorizationHelper.java:608)\n! at com.oracle.pic.dbaas.resources.v20160918.ExternalDatabaseConnectorResource20160918.createExternalDatabaseConnector(ExternalDatabaseConnectorResource20160918.java:187)\n!

The following two tags were the reason for tag validation failure:


For OCI user, adding this database to OCI External Database Management service, need to add a policy authorizing updates to tag-namespaces

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