How to take Middle Tier Snapshot for FSS backup

On OCI, tar ball is not needed to take backup of application binaries on FSS

[hsatapat@app-test ~]$ cd /u01/install/APPS

[hsatapat@app-test APPS]$ ls -a

.   01080654.log  APPS_ADnTXK13  EBSapps.env_Orig  fs2    invalidnodes_20220110_133733.txt  nohup.out  RegisterNodePreReq.log  u01

..  01101630.log  EBSapps.env    fs1               fs_ne  invalidnodes_20220110_135456.txt  old        .snapshot

[hsatapat@app-test APPS]$ cd .snapshot

[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$ ls -ltr

total 0

[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$

[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$ mkdir snapshot-Jan28

[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$ ls


[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$ ls -lrt

total 1

drwxrwxrwx. 8 applmgr oinstall 14 Jan 10 16:31 snapshot-Jan28

[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$

[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$ pwd


[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$

You can restore the snapshot

You can restore a file within the snapshot, or an entire snapshot using the cp command. Use the -r option when restoring a snapshot that contains subdirectories.

For example: Copy

[hsatapat@app-test .snapshot]$ cp -r .snapshot/snapshot-Jan28/* /u01/install/APPS

cp -r .snapshot/snapshot_name/* destination_directory_name

For optimal performance, use the Parallel File Tools

To install Parallel File Tools on an Oracle Linux instance:

  1. Open a terminal window on the destination instance.
  2. Type the following command:
    • sudo yum install -y fss-parallel-tools

Optionally, you can use rsynctar, or another tool that supports NFSv3 to copy your data to another remote location.

For example: 

parcp .snapshot/snapshot_name/* destination_directory_name

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